Monday, 1 July 2013

Best tips for Medical travel insurance policies

Having a wallet stolen or losing luggage whilst travelling is really a pain, but nothing in contrast to the heartache that can arise from sustaining a personal injury or falling ill whilst abroad. Its not all country has a free health service, and hospital bills can run into thousands when you get sick. It is crucial for this reason not just in take out travel insurance, but also to ensure that your travel policy gives you an adequate level of cover.
  • Short-Term Coverage for Professionals: Business professionals who frequently travel overseas may also benefit from temporary medical travel insurance. Temporary health insurance policies can supplement existing health insurance coverage, or provide comprehensive health insurance for business professionals. Coverage is available for short trips lasting only a few days or for travel for several months or longer.
  • Pay out of pocket smaller expenses: Individual medical insurance including short term medical insurance, does not cover expenses related to pre-existing medical conditions, so if you take an ongoing prescription medicine or receive ongoing weekly outpatient treatments, these will not be covered by insurance. 
  • Coverage to Supplement Existing Policies: Many Americans assume their health insurance policies will cover their medical needs while they are abroad.
  • Health Insurance for Study Abroad: Students who participate in Study Abroad programs may be covered by the policy issued by their colleges or universities or by their parents' policies. For students who are not covered by other policies, temporary health insurance can provide medical coverage while they are abroad. 
  • Pay in advance: Some policies, like Secure STM discount up to 20% of the cost if you pay a single six month premium in advance rather than opt for monthly billing.

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