Thursday, 27 June 2013

Belizean food recipes : My own experience

Belizean food recipes are quite not the same as those of other Central American countries. Closer ties towards the West Indies and strong historical connections to Britain would be the main reasons for that. Before I delve deeper right into a discussion about the cuisine I'll present some history you should understand why it has developed the actual way it has. When I was away studying, I did previously miss our local dishes a lot I would call my mom for recipes. Since i have was learning to cook at that time, she would have to walk me with the steps. The long distance calls became pretty costly not to mention, my attempts never arrived on the scene as good as hers at home, mostly since i lacked ingredients like recado, an important seasoning, or coconut milk. And pepper, Belizeans really adore peppers and hot (pepper) sauce: habanero's and jalapenos, the hotter the greater.

But now that I am home, away from the cries of friends obsessed with their weight and starvation fads, I can leave denial behind and "nyam" my Belizean food.How I used to miss those sizzling fry jacks smeared with beans for breakfast. Or hot Johnny cakes, those flat round fluffy biscuits cut open and covered with melted butter! Or maybe filled with ham and cheese slices. Ultimately Belizean food recipes are great options.

If you want a change of pace, you can always switch to beans-and-rice. There is a critical distinction and you must be clear when ordering in a restaurant because beans-and-rice is where the beans are cooked separately and spooned with their own gravy over white rice. Beans and rice is extra delicious if the cook throws a piece of pigtail into the mix. Another favorite is split peas and pigtail over rice.

Of course the real variety comes in the choice of meat or fish. A lot of items are stewed: stewed fish, oxtail, beef, chicken or pork. There is even stewed lobster, when the season is open. Game meats are popular too, with Belizeans enjoying deer, Hicatee, iguana or gibnut. Side dishes are generally potato salad made from real Heinz salad dressing, the key ingredient that makes Belizean potato salad Belijun, or coleslaw.And while it may not be so easy to find plantains abroad, at home we grow them in abundance. Fried to a sweet golden brown, they make a tasty side addition to any meal.Wash all this down with some fresh orange, lime, watermelon or cantaloupe juice and you've got the perfect dinner. Belizean culture for food are so famous.

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