Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Do You About Greece Customs & Traditions

Greek customs and traditions are ancient. So you need to know them. The place of Greece on the crossroads of three continents has had a dramatic impact on the Greek civilization and culture. While using Greek High School history books for example, civilisation and culture began using the history of older civilization like the Mesopotamian, the center East and Egypt after which moving on to incorporate Prehistoric Greece and Ancient greek language history.
As a result, the Greeks took many components from all these ancient civilisations around them, adapting those that were close to their nature and life-style whilst the remaining elements served to help develop and move them forward, such as the development of astronomy, sculpture and architecture. Due to these developments a unique civilization was created which always had a persons at its very centre. From all of these things sprung the renowned Greek philosophy, democracy the humanities and sciences that is to be read in almost any major publication about ancient Greece. It had been these things that were created by the traditional Greeks culture which was offered to the rest of human kind. Today the Greeks do what their ancestors did 3000 years back, they hold on to elements and affections both in the east and the west. The hyperlinks with the East are still strong and also the effect of Byzantine Greece is visible today in the Greek Orthodox religion, and modern Greek Music.

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