Monday, 17 June 2013

Summer tourist attraction spots in greenland

For you nature lovers there are lots of interesting tourist attractions that can be found in Greenland. Greenland is among the biggest island in the world. Greenland is a tropical in the north Atlantic Ocean within the northeast of Canada. The center of attention for tourists attraction in Greenland would be the amazing country Arctic landscapes.


Narsarsuaq is a little community with more or less 200 people mainly employed at the airport or the associated hotel.

Midnight Hiking to Sermermiut

This is hiking tour is accomplished under the midnight sun and takes you to Sermermiut mountain which is situated more or less 1.5km south of Ilulissat. During your walk you will also visit an olden deserted Inuit village situated on the Ice Fjord.


Ilulissat is the third biggest settlement in Greenland and situate about 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. Illulisat also means "The Icebergs” and is Greenland's most well-liked tourist places. At its eastern end is the Jakobshavn Isbræ glacier which is the most productive glacier in the northern hemisphere.

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